Karimikui AB, Kenya


Karimikui AB, Kenya


Blackcurrant, Honey, Sweet Lime

Variety: SL28 & SL34

Process: Fully Washed

Region: Kirinyaga

Altitude: 1650 m.a.s.l.

Producer: Karimikui Washing Station

250 g.

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Tarrazu is one the most famous coffee regions of central Costa Rica. The hub of the growing region for the La Pastora quality is the mountainous Tarrazú canton in the San José province. The Pirris river nearby provides water to the highland region, making it perfect for coffee production and other types of agriculture. The mountains are part of the Talamanca Sierra, which runs through Costa Rica and Panama.

In the Los Santos de Tarrazu region, coffee producers united through the Coope Tarrazu. The cooperative was created in 1960 by 228 smallholder farmers. They grouped to stand stronger together to face the challenges of coffee production and find better markets for their coffees. After more than 50 years, the cooperative has grown to be the largest cooperative in the region. Nowadays, they provide a structure for more than 3000 smallholder producers