Lactic Sidra - La Palma & El Tucán, Colombia (125 g)

Lactic Sidra - La Palma & El Tucán, Colombia (125 g)


Complex, floral and sweet, with elegant flavours of pineapple, lemon and green apples.

Variety: Sidra
Process: Lactic fermentation
Farm: La Palma & El Tucan
Region: Cundinamarca, Colombia

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La Palma & El Tucan is an innovative farm, located two hours outside the capital Bogotá, on the eastern range of the Colombian Andes. This coffee is a nano-lot from their ‘Estate & Varietals’ program, where different exotic varietals have been carefully cultivated at their farm. Through the Lactic process, the coffee cherries are fermented in closed tanks for an extended period of time to achieve a higher concentration of lactic acid bacteria. This anaerobic fermentation creates a very distinctive cup profile, with a velvety body and a winey acidity.